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Give us a call and we'll come to you! Our initial meeting is about listening to your vision of the project you want done and surveying the location.

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We will then tailor plans based on the vision you have for your home. You will also be given a variety of options and estimates to choose from.

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This is where the magic happens! You will have a full team dedicated quickly and properly transform the area into what you had envisioned for you and your family to enjoy.

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Our Services

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From ultra modern to mid-century to rustic, we’ve got the design experience to get it done. We can even run your backyard pavers down the side of your home and around to the driveway.

Certified by Belgard University, enjoy the highest quality paver patio designs and installation available in Kingsport and the Tri-Cities TN area. Pavers come in many different shapes, sizes, and material.

We can create paver pathways, custom fire pits, stone decks, retaining walls, and pretty much any outdoor living space you can imagine. We use a wide variety of paver styles and choices you won’t always find at your local hardware store.

Retaining Walls

A superior long-lasting solution for erosion & water drainage. Our retaining wall contractors build gorgeous designs that improve your home’s curb appeal & value.

Stone Walkways

Take things to another level with natural stone pathways.

From rugged flagstone to uniformly patterned stones.

Custom Fire Pits

Handcrafted custom stone fire pits can enhance any outdoor living space.
Enjoy a variety of stones and styles to choose from.

Tree Services

Licensed & Insured Tree Services. We provide quality tree removal, tree trimming & stump grinding to all of Kingsport & Tri-Cities TN

Living Spaces

Let's Transform Your Backyard Into an Outdoor Living Space! From Outdoor Kitchens to custom BBQ Islands

Our Satisfied Customers

Emma Moss
Emma Moss
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Got an estimate on a new paver patio installation and a walkway to the driveway. Loved the hardscape design ideas they showed us. We ended up deciding to hire them after some consideration. Let me tell you, I’m glad we did! The crisscross patio paver pattern looks so beautiful, and they finished the walkway with some nice edging and mulch. BBQ island next? Lol! Really wonderful craftsmanship at a really fair price 🙂
Brett Harris
Brett Harris
Read More
Jake & his team did an excellent job removing an old structure and installing a 80 ft retaining wall for us. They gave an estimate on the spot and completed things quickly.. we saw them out there working on it morning to evening everyday. They compacted the fill behind the wall that has already been tested by several heavy downpours and has held up great. I highly recommend them to anyone seeking affordable and professional outdoor services!
Sherry Hamrick
Sherry Hamrick
Read More
Very nice young gentlemen. They built layed a paver walkway about 15 feet and touched up my fire pit with paver brick finishings. I thought the cost was very fair and definitely recommend them to anyone needing to spruce up their backyard living area

Ready to Transform Your Yard? Need a Project Done?

We service the entire Tri-Cities Tennessee area with quality landscaping services. Give us a call today!


When choosing a landscaping company in Kingsport or anywhere in the Tri-Cities area, you want to be sure that your project gets not only just expert craftsmanship, but also the attention that it deserves. Landscaping companies may be spread too thin with multiple projects, or a local contractor may simply not have the manpower or resources to finish your project on time and within budget. We strive to find that healthy medium.

Not only will your project get the complete 100% attention from a dedicated team, but you will also benefit from quicker completion times. As a result you get extreme attention to detail to your space that will be ready in no time! 

Paver Patio in Kingsport using Belgard Design Concepts


A beautiful paver patio & walkway installation is tough to match in terms of luxury outdoor living spaces. Here in Kingsport, Tennessee, we absolutely love spending time entertaining in our backyards enjoying the weather and good barbeque. Enjoying your outdoor space in style makes the times that much more memorable. Let’s dive into why pavers for outdoor hardscapes make for an excellent improvement to your home.

DURABILITY – Considering they are 3-4 times stronger than a slab of concrete, it’s no surprise why pavers have been used for literally thousands of years. Their longevity make them an excellent choice of material for walkways, custom fire pits, and patios. They have been known to easily last 50+ years through even the most extreme of weather conditions.

MAINTENANCE – If you are looking for a low-maintenance material for your custom outdoor living space, pavers are an amazing choice. Should they ever crack or get damaged from heavy impact, you can easily replace individual pieces as needed. Cleaning them is also a breeze and paver contractors can add sealants to them to lock in color and protect them further from any wear over time.

Pavers offer unmatched flexibility in terms of design options. They come in a virtually unlimited amount of colors to match any tones of the surrounding area that fit your taste. They also can be cut into any shape only limited to your imagination. If you are looking for gorgeous hardscape options with the ultimate customizability, brick paver installation are your perfect choice.

PROPERTY VALUE – Having a licensed professional paver contractor install paver stone patios, walkways, or outdoor hardscape designs to your Tennessee home will drastically increase your property value. With a well-designed backyard landscape and outdoor living space, you can easily charge more rent or increase your sell price of your home. If you are not ready to sell or rent, brick paver installation can become an investment you simply get to enjoy for yourself!

COST-EFFECTIVE – While pavers generally cost more upfront than concrete patios or asphalt (for driveways), they will save you more money in the long run. Repairs are both easier & cheaper, and because of their durability, they can last much longer. In addition, even a simple well-designed paver driveway can greatly increase your home’s value, giving you a positive return on your investment.

Pavers have a wide variety of uses, ranging from paver walkways, to the very popular paver driveways, to paver decks & patios, and even to custom fire pits or paver kitchen islands.

The main materials used for both commercial and residential hardscapes range from the classic paver stones and clay pavers, to the more modern interlocking concrete pavers, and even porcelain pavers (yes you read that right!). 

Your paving contractor will be able to walk you through the best options that fit both your vision and budget. Brick clay pavers are generally the most cost-effective, but porcelain and certain flagstone pavers can give you the luxurious look you are looking for!

Retaining Wall Kingsport


Having a retaining wall contractor professionally build one for your property gives you the best of both worlds. You’ll be left with not only an aesthetically pleasing home improvement, but one that will provide immense functional benefits for years to come! If you have a sloped backyard, or simply want a gorgeous way to get some dang privacy, hiring one of our licensed contractors to build you a gorgeous retaining wall is a great option!

FLOOD/EROSION CONTROL – Tri-Cities Tennessee is no stranger to intense weather. Having a strong retaining wall can protect your home and yard from the potential havoc that soil erosion and flooding can do after a bad storm. 

DEFINITIVE BOUNDARIES – Installing a concrete retaining wall along your property line is a fantastic way to established a very clear boundary and adds an extra layer of privacy so you can enjoy your outdoor living privately.

USABLE SPACE – It is not uncommon for properties to have slopes, often found towards the outer edges of the property lines. While you may have a good-sized nicely cleared lot, you may be left with a sizeable portion being unusable due to the slope. Properly installing a retaining wall will help you be able to level your land and gain back useable space. This easily expands your outdoor living area!

AESTHETIC APPEAL – A good retaining wall contractor can build retaining walls with gorgeous designs to compliment your yard’s appeal. The simple contrast of concrete or stone from the surrounding natural landscape can work wonders. Varying heights can be made to suit your needs from both a functional and design standpoint. The flexibility and strength of a well-built well-designed retaining wall is the perfect pair to your paver patios and outdoor living space.

PROPERTY VALUE – Whether you are installing a retaining wall to prepare to rent or sell your home, or if you are building one to enjoy for many years to come, a well-kept and well-built retaining wall will add immense value to your home. You can be sure that cost for a retaining wall will pay for itself ten-fold over!

When you think of retaining walls, most people imagine the traditional concrete block walls. They are cost-effective and you may be surprised on the variety of different concrete block, styles, and shapes are available for you to choose from!

While the traditional cinder block retaining walls get the most attention, there are actually a variety of materials that retaining walls are built from, including wood, boulders, gabion, brick, stone, and actual concrete slabs. Veneers stones & mosaics can even be placed over the existing wall to really tailor things to your aesthetic taste to compliment the rest of your outdoor landscape.

Ready to Transform Your Outdoor Space?

We service the entire Tri-Cities Tennessee area with quality landscaping services. Give us a call today!

Belgard Master Craftsman Badge

The Belgard Promise

Our contractors have been trained under Belgard University – the leaders in the hardscapes industry. Why is this a big deal for you? We passionately bring your vision to life, using expert craftsmanship and creativity to create gorgeous outdoor spaces using the highest quality materials for your budget.

Whether you are in Kingsport, Johnson City, Bristol, or anywhere in-between, we confidently promise that your investment in your outdoor living space will transform it from a bland area to an amazing space built to last and enjoy for years to come. From paver patios & walkways, to retaining walls, to custom hardscapes, and outdoor kitchens, we have you covered.


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