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Do you have a slope on your property?
Uneven Dips or Hills in Your Yard?
Issues with Erosion or Flooding?
Or Just Simply Want More Privacy?

Building a Retaining Wall is the best solution to your problem!

As your trusted retaining wall contractors in Kingsport and the surrounding Tri-Cities TN area,  we offer superior and long-lasting solutions for water drainage and erosion.

Our local retaining wall contractors also improve your home’s curb appeal & value by building gorgeous designs.

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Common Reasons to Hire a Retaining Wall Contractor

Retaining walls is a broad term in the dictionary of masonry work. As its name implies, it refers to retaining something; in this case, it’s walls. Retaining walls slow down erosion in the hills, provide extra support to buildings, as well as add style and value to your property.

So, what are some scenarios that you may want to consider hiring a retaining wall company?

Your home is built near soil fault lines. Even if soil erosion isn’t threatening your home, there is still a threat under the right conditions. For example, if an earthquake happens, the land surrounding you will slide away from the fault lines. If your home sits downhill from a fault line, a sturdy retaining wall will give you peace of mind.

Retaining Walls Kingsport TN

You want to control downhill erosion. If the soil from the erosion clogs parts of your home’s landscape, a retaining wall will minimize erosion by holding back soil and decreasing the angle of the slopes.

A sliding hill threatens the foundation of your home. If the soil around a downhill foundation is slowly eroding or if a nearby slope’s erosion compacts the nearby foundation, a retaining wall can help.

Having our landscaping company professionally build a retaining wall for your property gives you the best of both worlds. You’ll enjoy an aesthetically pleasing home improvement project that protects your property from the disadvantages of a sloped backyard.

Don't Put It Off Any Longer. Let's Build That Wall.

We service the entire Tri-Cities Tennessee area with quality retaining wall construction services.

Retaining Walls Being Built in Kingsport TN

What Are the Benefits of Retaining Wall Installation?

Define boundaries. The installation of a concrete retaining wall along your property’s line establishes clear boundaries between your property and the others. It also builds another layer of privacy so you can enjoy your space away from prying eyes.

Erosion/flood control. Intense weather conditions are nothing new to Tri-Cities Tennessee. A strong retaining wall protects your home and backyard from the potential consequences of flooding and soil erosion.

Visually Pleasing. A trusted retaining wall contractor in Kingsport, TN can build strong walls with beautiful designs that complement your backyard’s appeal. Imagine: the simple stone or concrete does aesthetic magic to your natural landscape. We can establish different heights to suit your design and functional needs. In our opinion, the strength and flexibility of a well-built retaining wall complement any outdoor living space.

Usable space. It’s common for properties to have slopes, which often rest outside of your property’s boundaries. You may have a good-sized plot but a chunk of that will be unusable if there is a slope in the area. A properly installed retaining wall levels the land and gives you more usable space. Expand your outdoor area with retained walls!

Property value. Whether you’re preparing to sell or rent your home or are planning to build a home in the future, a well-designed retaining wall adds immense value to your residential property.

When choosing a landscape company in the Tri-Cities area, you want to work with a professional who is committed to excellence. East TN Outdoor Services is the retaining wall contractor in Kingsport, TN you can trust. Call us today to learn more about our services or to schedule an appointment.


Our services start with your first call. Call us and schedule an appointment. During our initial consultation, we’ll discuss your vision of the project, the work you want to be done, and the surveying process of your location.

Once we’ve noted down your needs, we create a custom plan. Our strategy is always based on your vision. We’ll also give you different options and estimates to choose from.

Now sit back, relax, and let us work our magic. After the consultation, our team drops by your home to transform the area. Our mission is to bring to life what you had envisioned for your landscape.

Once we’re done with your yard, invite family and friends over to enjoy your completed space. If there are any necessary adjustments, our team can return to make the changes; otherwise, enjoy your new space!





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